Is it for me?

A wide range of people find a psychoanalytic approach to therapy to be helpful. Do make contact by email if you’d like to know more, or to make an initial appointment.

Often what prompts some to think about therapy is either something that’s experienced as a problem, or an “itch” that life could be better. It’s also a courageous step — where many might simply “make do”. The inner work of therapy enables lots of things to deepen and change.

Very often the desire to explore therapy is a sign that it will be beneficial — which is to say that, if someone is looking at the possibility of therapy, that is usually a prompting from the unconscious that the time is right.

I offer an initial session in which it’s helpful to say something about what draws you to therapy and which gives you a chance to see whether you’re comfortable exploring your thoughts and feelings with me.

Some people chose to start straight away. Others prefer to take some time to think about the possibility, and perhaps to come back for another initial session.